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KNOWN TRAVELLER DIGITAL IDENTITY or KTDI, is a World Economic Forum initiative launched in 2015 that brings together a global consortium of individuals, governments, authorities and the travel industry to enhance security in world travel:

A System Initiative on Shaping the Future of Mobility –– Unlocking the potential of digital identity for secure and seamless travel 

"The Known Traveller Digital Identity concept as a catalytic prototype shows great transforming potential for use beyond the travel industry, including applications in healthcare, education, banking and other sectors ..." 

"The KTDI concept was initially conceptualized by a multistakeholder Working Group launched in 2015 which includes governments, industry, and international organisations. These stakeholders now serve in an advisory group capacity and include Airports Council International (ACI), Amadeus, Google, International Air Transport Association (ATA), International Criminal Police Organisation (Interpol), Mexico National Migration Institute (INM), NEC Corporation, SAP Concur, UK National Crime Agency–United Nations Counter Terrorism Executive Directorate, US Department of Commerce, US Department of Homeland Security, Visa Inc., World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), and Zurich Insurance Group ...

Throughout 2017, the Shaping the Future of Security in Travel project convened stakeholders in multiple day-long workshops and working calls on the topic of digital identity to continue to shift security in travel forward. 

In January 2018, the Governments of Canada and The Netherlands commited to piloting components of the KTDI concept in collaboration with private sector partners in an international cross border context." 

Download White Paper / World Economic Forum / In collaboration with Accenture (2020)

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